About us

Automatic identification systems have relied bar codes for more than a decade. Our team is made up of electronics, hardware and software professionals with expertise in Auto ID systems, automatic labelling devices, bar codes, RFID data acquisition systems, label printing, inspections, product traceability solutions and PLC controls.

Our goal is to provide customers with quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of Auto ID as well as warranty and post-warranty service. Whatever you are looking for, from a simple scanner to a complete system solution, we will provide you with the best experts in the field.

We deliver comprehensive solutions for the most complicated of requests and the list of our satisfied customers is testament to this fact. Our sales staff closely collaborates with our customers from the moment they reach out to us to fully understand their needs and requirements. Our service department provides uninterrupted support to ensure the flawless operation of the hardware and software we install.

Our focus is on providing optimal solutions at the highest technical level combined with technical support.

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